Change and Chaos

It has been almost a month since I’ve written anything here! Week after week I’ve meant to come sit down at the computer and start but time keeps getting away from me lately. I’ve been struggling with the concept of “once things slow down a little bit I will do this or that”, but the thing is I don’t know that life is going to slow down anytime soon. I think what I’m looking for is some sense of a new normal. Let me give you the run down on what’s been going on. So as you know, we moved mid November. In that time we have had several sicknesses since, as has everyone else. It seems like once we catch something we just catch everything else going around too. That reminds me- I need to add some zinc and vitamin C to my shopping list. My son never stops teething. My daughter ended up bringing a certain (unnamed because I am utterly embarrassed and disgusted) mite into our house from school. Don’t worry for those of you in close contact with our family, I’ve completely turned our house upside down and washed every piece of fabric in it. I will have to give a step by step tutorial on this process sometime down the road for anyone else who may find themselves in this situation.

We also had the holidays in there, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by the way! Quick side story: A couple weeks before Christmas my daughter added a barbie camper to her list of things she wanted from Santa. At first Santa was not phased by this. He was already bringing her 2 things and that was enough. When my daughter brought home her Christmas ornament she made at school with her Christmas wish list written on the back, including a barbie camper, it was over. Santa had to get the barbie camper. He couldn’t look back at that ornament year after year and remember how she didn’t get what she had asked for that year. Santa is a sap and my daughter is spoiled. So a week before Christmas Santa is trying to track down a sold out barbie camper. Luckily Santa came through and Amelia came downstairs to a barbie camper waiting for her on Christmas morning.

My Grandma was in the hospital over Christmas. She became septic due to an infected gallbladder that no one knew about. She had it removed successfully and after some amazing care and a few miracles she recently moved from the hospital to a rehab facility to get stronger. Because Grandma was gone over Christmas and my mom too, because she was by her side the entire time, we never really got a chance to celebrate with my side of the family this year. It made Christmas feel so strange without our traditional family get together. As my grandparents get older I realize how things can change so quickly and year after year won’t always be the same.

In addition to all the craziness above, I decided to change jobs! I have accepted the position as a school nurse at Cherokee. I am so excited for this new adventure. This is something I’ve always wanted to do and never ever thought I’d get the opportunity-let along in the same district as my children. I will be at the middle school and high school, 5 days a week. It will be a huge transition for our family for me to work full time. This also brought about the challenge of finding a daycare for Everett 3 days a week (my in laws graciously watch the kids the other 2 days). Let me tell you, daycare in Cherokee, or anywhere really, is very hard to find! This past week we think we have found someone that will be a good fit, fingers crossed! I will update more with how things are going with the job and work/home transition for everyone.

I don’t know that this is the post I was planning on writing but I thought I should give a little update on life since there have been so many changes lately. I will plan on branching out on certain things in the weeks and months to come. I would like to talk more about staying at home vs working, changing from the hospital setting to the school setting, mental health struggles that I’ve experienced, marriage, family, you name it. I hope that you all had a good Christmas and New Years. Lets all get ready for the extremely long month of January that lay ahead. Talk to you soon.