Becoming a Mom Means…

When you are a mom to little ones things can get pretty messy and chaotic. You can have the best intentions for your day and then absolutely nothing goes according to plan. In the same instant, for as much as you want to scream, there will be a single moment that takes your breath away and makes you tear up because of the love you feel for that little person. Sometimes the best way to get through the day is with humor, especially with other moms who understand. So, what does becoming a mom mean? Let me give you some insight I have gained along my path of motherhood.

It means….Not being able to use a public bathroom with ease for several more years. This is something I would have never thought about before having a baby. If you are grocery shopping and you need to go to the bathroom, there is literally no where to put your baby so you can use the toilet. One time I was super desperate, not able to hold it, and found myself one arming my baby while using the other arm to yank down my pants. Getting my pants back up while trying not to drop my screaming child was really the challenge. The key is to either have someone with you to help hold your crying baby, bring a stroller, or wear your baby (although this is also an interesting predicament, wearing your baby while sitting on the toilet). If you think it’s going to get any easier when they can walk, you are wrong. Get ready for them to reach for that door handle as you’re midstream, look under the stalls, talk about what they’re smelling or hearing, and the worst- putting their hands (or mouths) on everything in sight. Enough said.

It means…Getting way more comfortable with poop. Babies poop a lot- especially if they are breastfed. You more than likely will get poop on your hands, it will be on the changing table, and on their cute little outfit you took so much time to pick out. Don’t worry, just wash your hands, wipe down the changing table, and throw the outfit in the wash. My first had a lot of trouble with constipation. So it was quite literally a celebration when there was poop. A few times she was really plugged up and we had to resort to a suppository. You can’t imagine the level of happiness you will feel when you see your little baby grunting trying to push out a much needed poop. You will jump up and down and clap your hands like you just won a prize.

It means…Understanding your own mom way better than before. I now fully grasp and understand how my mom felt every time she threatened to run away from home (she never really did and please tell me I’m not the only one whose mom has said this phrase before) . Sometimes you just cannot take it anymore. My mom told me once that she locked herself in the closet when my sister was a baby because she couldn’t take the crying. My oldest was colicky for a good 2-3 months. I totally get it now. There were times when I had to just set her in the crib and walk away. Being a parent will test your patience like you never knew it could be tested.

It means…A full night of sleep is a luxury. Have you ever thought that being admitted to the hospital would be a treat because you would sleep better there than at home? I remember thinking this when both of my babies were under 6 months. Its a terrible thing to think, but when you’re short on sleep your thoughts really get crazy and you get desperate. The first time your child sleeps through the night it is like the best feeling in the world. Although, you will most likely wake up and panic that something is wrong.

It means…Accepting that the t.v. is not solely yours anymore. This was something I always said before having kids- that I will watch what I want to watch and my kid will just have to deal with it. This could not be farther from the truth. There are several times a week I have to say out loud, this is mine and daddy’s t.v., not yours.

It means…Finding joy in every tiny thing your child does (yawning, laughing, hiccups, boo boo faces…you name it). Remember the poop story earlier? You will literally gush about everything. The little poop faces they make, the first time they smile, when they first say mom, or blow you a kiss and say love you. Its just the best.

It means…Realizing you would now give your life for someone else without question. There is nothing more important in this life than that little human you’re taking care of. I can’t explain it any further that that. This kind of love feels so scary, but its also the just the best.

It means…You have no idea what you’re doing. But here’s the thing… no one really knows what they’re doing. And if you think you got it down, you child is about to change that. Then, someone somewhere is about to tell you you’re doing it wrong. You really just have to go with it and trust your gut.

Can we agree that motherhood is the messiest, toughest, sweetest, most rewarding job in the world? Even though it’s hard I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I sure do love my two little monsters. Let me know some of the things that you found out when you first became a mom. If you are not a mom yet, tell me what you are most scared or excited about! And if you are not wanting to be a mom, and are reading anyways, that’s perfectly ok too! 🙂