Yes, You Can Have Cake for Breakfast

Hey! Megan and Katie here and we are each other’s better laugh. We are sitting at the the cutest cafe, ordered a delicious coffee (because lord knows we needed it), and of course a chocolate chip muffin (aka – cake for breakfast). We are finally jumping in head first and writing our initial blog post. We don’t know what we are doing, so laugh with us and at us!

Want to know what to expect? We are here to tell you. We are here to talk about the funny things, the hard things, the crazy things, the simple things, and the messy things about life. We’ve been doing this together for 24 years and now we want to put it all out there so you can relate and laugh with us.

Follow along if you know us, used to know us, if you don’t know us yet, or if you want to get to know us! Even though we are best friends and very much alike we have different opinions, beliefs, lives, interests and we feel there is always going to be something for everyone to relate to. Sometimes we will post together (like this one), separate, or an occasional video. Be prepared to expect funny stories, tough conversations, vulnerability, and absolute absurdities!

Expect to hear from one of us at least once a week! And we would love to hear your feedback. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with topics that may be on your mind that you want us to chat about. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram under My Better Laugh. Talk soon!

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for what the other person posts…**laughing hysterically**…no but seriously.