My Better Half

Last week Megan and I were talking about our writing styles and she said “you know, you usually figure out what you’re going to write as you’re writing. You start in one place and end up somewhere different”. After she said it I realized how right she was! I’ve been struggling all week to try and plan what I was going to write, or how to say it. Then I thought to myself, what am I doing?! Just sit down and start writing and it will all come to me. So, here I go…I’m beginning by introducing you to my husband, Derek, but who knows where this post will end up! 😂

I could tell you ALL the things about Derek and everything I love about him, but I think the most important parts are in the WHY.

  1. Wanna know one of the first, and WEIRDEST questions he asked me on our first date? Get ready for this one…”Do you like horses”?! I replied “no, my dad always called them hay burners”. And he replied back, and very loudly “THANK GOODNESS!” Lucky for him I’m not a horse lover, in fact, they scare the crap out of me. I later found out the real reasons Derek doesn’t care for horses, but that’s a story for a different time. The real thing I’m getting at here is WHY was he asking me this and WHY was it so funny and important to me the more I thought about it? Well…because… Derek is pretty blatantly honest and I found that out QUICKLY here. If he doesn’t like something, he’s going to tell you, and have 10 reasons to back up his theory! Just try and argue with him…you won’t get anywhere without concrete proof. Which makes for some pretty fun banter in our home…we have a lot of laughs, and a lot of silly smiles trying to get the other to back down first. Don’t worry…it’s all in fun…we’re both stubborn Germans! Bottom line, I’ve come to appreciate his honesty and integrity, not a lot of people have it.
  2. How about one of our saddest moments together? We were in my Ford Escape, on our way back from our doctor appointment where we were told that we were miscarrying for the first time. About half way home Derek pulled over on a gravel and said “It feels like a punch in the gut, and the air knocked out of you”. We cried together in our vehicle on that road. WHY was this important? Because Derek is strong, yet vulnerable when he needs to be, (I probably just ruined his street cred there 😂.) the best of both worlds.
  3. If you know Derek, you know he will probably have a quippy comment or remark to make at just about anything you say. He has a cheesy joke for just about any moment, and if you know me…I laugh…at everything…see why I love those quippy comments he makes?! And no joke…as I am writing this he is sending me ridiculous texts…When it comes down to it, he makes me laugh…pretty much constantly!
  4. Wanna know what his super power would be if he could have one? To be impervious to hot and cold. The first time he told me this we were canning tomato sauce and he says “I just wish I could reach in and grab the jars and be done with it!” He now tells me this on a weekly basis and applies it to whatever he’s working with…ie: the smoker, the grill, the hot or cold temperatures, fire, boiling water…basically everything. I’m pretty sure he’d walk around with no pants most of the time if he had no sensitivity to the cold (you think I’m kidding, but I assure you I’m not…). It makes me laugh because it is an answer that fits only HIM! It’s so practical, yet so randomly funny like he is!
  5. One last thing…if you plan on playing against him in any kind of trivia game…well DON’T. He’s good at it, and he knows it. He’s so dang smart, and he has a smart mouth! He will win. He will show no remorse. He hates to lose. He will taunt you. He will laugh and smile because he knows you’re wrong (insert eye roll)! And it’s ten times worse when we are both competitive…but I wouldn’t want it any other way!

Hey look at that, I actually stayed on topic! Well, I could keep going for pages and pages, but this at least gives you a snap shot of Derek. More to come in future posts…that I am sure! Until next time, I’ll be living the dream…

-Katie K

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