Keep Your Friends Close

Ok… so just a heads up. I don’t want this to feel like some lecture about how you need to add one more thing to your plate that you’re not already doing. Or some article that’s going to make you feel like a terrible friend. I want to share with you the things that I think help to make a friendship to last. I’m talking the kind of friendships like Thelma and Louise, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, or maybe Oprah and Gayle….better yet- Megan and Katie! 🙂

Katie and I have been friends for 24 years and I’m here to tell you neither of us is perfect but we have somehow made our friendship last all this time and I wanted to make a list on why I think it has!

Don’t make a big deal about things that don’t really matter. This goes for any relationship in life. Try to look past the little things and realize we’re all just human. If something is bothering you, talk it out. If it’s not worth mentioning then just drop it. You’ll all be happier.

Find stuff to do together. Like start a blog! Just kidding…unless you really want to! Then I say go for it! Katie and I also like getting together (with my mom and sister too!) and watching scary movies! We look forward to having a girls night with pizza and snacks, watching a movie together, and catching up. You could also read the same book, listen to a podcast, watch your favorite tv shows, and then talk it out and let let each other know what you thought!

Find things to laugh about! I’m sure anyone who knew Katie and I in high school can remember us cackling… I mean laughing. We know it is annoying, but we can’t help it! We love to laugh! Don’t take life too seriously and try laughing once in a while with your friend it will sure brighten your day and bring you closer as friends!

Think of your friends as they are going through tough times. Be present when they need to talk. If you don’t know what to say, that’s ok, just listening is so helpful! Send a message or a card saying you’re thinking of them. Send flowers or their favorite candy. Check in on them. If you feel like they’re ignoring you or pushing you away realize it’s probably not you, its them and most likely a time when they need you the most. Katie is really good at gift giving. I remember her sending me flowers at work when I went back for my first day after maternity leave with baby #1. She also brought me suppers just because, a present when I had to go on bedrest. Don’t underestimate those little things they really do mean so much!

Set time to hang out or talk. Go to a movie or out for lunch. Have a play date and bring your kids along if you have to! Help each other out with a project you have going on in the house. If you live far away, try to arrange time to talk on the phone or FaceTime once in a while. Katie and I use Marco Polo quite a bit. If you don’t have the app, I highly recommend that you download it! It is a way to send video messages at your convenience. Its the next best thing to talking in person in this high tech world we live in now.

Make other friends! Spread the love! We all need friends to be there for us! I find it so hard to make new friends now a days when everyone (me included) is on their phone, stuck at home or at work, or just not sure where or how to meet new friends. Try to say hi to more people when you’re out and about. Ask about their day, what they like to do, if they ever want to hang out!

We as human beings require socialization and not just internet friendships- real life human connection! It is a basic need just as strong as food, water, and warmth. Don’t under estimate the importance of keeping friends by your side. I want to know how you and your friend or friends keep each other close. What are ways that you’ve made new friends in adulthood? Any other thoughts or comments share them with me here or on our socials! Talk to you soon!


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