A Friend Will Help You Move, A True Friend Will Help You Move a Body

Oh hey there! Katie here! I thought for my first solo post I would tell you about how Megan and I became friends. I thought I’d tell you the whole story, A-Z, beginning to end. Then I realized, if I told you everything all at ONCE…uhhh…we’d be here for years…and I DO mean YEARS. We’ve shared countless laughs, tears, smiles, giggles, frustrations, and basically every emotion under the sun. If you can think of an emotion, we’ve been through it together. I think our time, mine and yours, would be better spent telling you the things I’ve learned from our 24 years of friendship.

Number 1: Just because you are best friends, doesn’t mean you will agree on everything. And you know what?! That’s a good thing. You will argue and be mad (sometimes for longer than you should), but those diversities that each one brings to the relationship is what ultimately brings you closer. It’s those differences that spawn GREAT ideas..sometimes ideas that got us in trouble (Who?! Us?! Megan and I in trouble?! Nah!), but they made for the best memories! Stay tuned, and I’m sure you will hear plenty of the trouble we got into.

Number 2: The house don’t fall if the bones are good. I’ve been listening to Maren Morris’s latest song, The Bones. Basically if you have a good foundation for any relationship it’s going to remain solid no matter what storms it goes through. Be truthful, be open, communicate, laugh, cry, FORGIVE.

Number 3: It is okay to have more than one best friend (Hi JENNA! MISS YOU!). How does the saying go?…Two is better than one? – ah yes! Having multiple best friends doesn’t make the other one less important or better than the other. It just means that each friend brings a different, relevant quality to your life. Each one brings out a different side of you, and acts as a crash pad when you just need somewhere to land. And seriously, making TRUE friends is damn HARD! So when you find good ones, hold on to them!

Number 4: FORGIVE. It’s ok to be mad. It’s not ok to hold a grudge. Be mad, do what you need to do, but then talk, communicate, forgive, and continue on. If Megan and I or Jenna and I would still be holding a grudge from some of the stupid things we’ve fought about, I wouldn’t have anyone to help me move and hide a body (refer to title of this post) and wouldn’t that just be a tragedy?! We wouldn’t have made it past the first year of friendship, and look how many years we would have missed out on!

There are so many other things I have learned from my friendships and relationships, but I want you all to actually read this…not open it, see that it’s 15 pages long, and then hit the X button. Until my next post, I’ll just be living the dream…

Much love! Katie K

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